O C Marsh lithographs

The PDF files linked on this page are scans of lithographs commissioned by Othniel Charles Marsh (Professor of Paleontology at Yale University). On many of the scans, you will see the following notation: “F. Berger, del” on the lower left, and “E. Crisand, lith. New Haven” on the lower right. ┬áThis indicates that the artist (delineator) working for Marsh was Frederick Berger. Emil Crisand worked as the lithographer for the printers in New Haven and prepared the images for printing, transferring the original drawing to the lithographic stone. When you see a fraction after Marsh’s name, it indicates the scale of the drawing, e.g. 1/2 indicates that the scale of the drawing is half the size of the original fossil.

These lithographic prints were donated to the Peoria Academy of Science in April, 1937. The video below explains a little about the origin of these illustrations.

Peoria Academy of Science lithographs from Mark DuBois on Vimeo.

For those who would like to learn more about the “Bone Wars,” we recommend this Wikipedia article as a starting point.

The links below open PDF files of the original artwork. These are arranged by their original scientific names. Each will open in a new browser window/ tab. We also included a thumbnail image of each plate (so you can see the contents before opening the PDF).


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